Write/Speak/Code 2014 is postponed.

There will be a 1 day workshop in September/October

The full 3-day conference will be back with a vengence spring of 2015.

Write/Speak/Code 2014 is being postponed. Instead of a 3-day event in August, we’ll run a 1-day workshop in October/September 2014, and come back full-force with the 3-day conference in Spring 2015.

With just over a month left until the scheduled Write/Speak/Code 3-day conference, we are off track of our goals, and we’d simply rather do this right than fudge it. We’re deeply sorry to have to postpone, and grateful for all of the incredible support we’ve received in building Write/Speak/Code up from just an idea last year.

Our goal for this fall’s 1-day workshop will be to see our newly developed Write Day curriculum in action, and to give participants an action plan for thought leadership, conference speaking, and open source contribution. After that, Write/Speak/Code will come back full speed ahead in Spring 2015 in NYC.

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