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Write Speak Code 2019 Conference

August 16–18, 2019 / San Francisco, CA

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Each day, participate in our core curriculum for writing, speaking and open-source/coding or attend talks across three other tracks. The choice is yours!

8:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration

9:00 AM

Welcome & Code of Conduct

9:30 AMtalk

Write/Speak/Code in 3 Acts

9:40 AMkeynote

How to Present Authentically

Tips for how to show up as you when you are giving a presentation. In this talk we will talk about traps that new speakers fall into and how to curate your presentation to be a reflection of you, no matter what you are speaking about.

10:10 AMkeynote

Maximizing Impact by Navigating Build, Reuse, and Buy Tradeoffs

Engineering is about allocating adequate time to do project work that improves the long-term sustainability of our services. But what do we reward engineers for doing? Does your company have a culture of "not invented here" or the converse of "ask the consultants to design it for us"? We need to step back and ensure that we are doing the most efficient thing with our time as engineers. The main way that we can improve sustainability is empowering other engineers to understand our systems, rather than developing code for the sake of our resumes and/or glory.

10:40 AM

Networking & Sponsor Mingle

Snacks, fruit, and coffee will be provided.

11:10 AMcurriculum

Reframing your Narrative

To kick-off our highly-interactive and energetic full-day seminar we explore the source of credibility and how to establish it. We cover strategies for making a greater impact through our writing, including how to escape a pigeonhole, how to preach beyond the choir, and the value of framing your message and yourself as part of a larger public conversation. Participants leave this session with a newly crafted professional bio.

12:10 PMcurriculum

Tapping Into Our Expertise

Want to write, but have no clue what you want to say? We’ll challenge you through fun collaborative exercises and design thinking activities to be more thoughtful and expansive when reflecting on your own knowledge, skills and experience. Participants will leave this session with no fewer than 20 new topics that they can blog or speak about.

1:00 PM
2:00 PMpanel

Publishers Panel

3:00 PMcurriculum

Pseudocode It!

How can you present ideas quickly and effectively? In this session we’ll talk about the components of a powerful, evidence-based argument; and share a few helpful outline formats to help you put your ideas on the page.

4:00 PM

Snacks & Sponsor Mingling

Snacks, fruit, and coffee will be provided.

4:30 PMcurriculum

Pens to Paper

The most common reason are participants cite for not blogging or writing is "I don’t have time." Lucky for you we scheduled it into this session. Use the outline you created to write a draft blog post and give/receive feedback from your peers.

5:00 PM

Sponsor Talk by Anne Stern

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5:10 PMkeynote

The philosophies and practices you need to scale an equitable organization through diverse teams

The workforce of the future will look nothing like it does today. With changing demographics, increased automation, and a breakdown of traditional corporate silos, businesses which don’t adapt—and keep adapting–will be at a competitive disadvantage. In the future teams, not individuals will drive innovation, and research shows that diverse and inclusive teams maximize results. An innovative, iterative, data-informed diversity & inclusion strategy can not only help you attract the right talent but also retain it. Right now, you have the data you need to begin understanding your barriers to building a diverse workforce, and how to invest to create an inclusive culture. Over the past two years, collaboration software maker Atlassian has been able to improve its hiring of women in technical roles by 80% while simultaneously improving the representation of employees over 40 and those from underrepresented cultural groups. Join Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian’s Global Head of Diversity & Belonging, to hear how you can leverage your data to build a balanced team at scale.

5:30 PM

Announcements & Feedback

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Opening Night Party

The opening night party will take place at Soma Streat Food Park. No pre-registration required - just show up for food, drinks, music, and FUN!

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